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Quality Treatment with Care and Compassion

Dr Sirajudeen Medical Group, since its inception in the year 1991, has progressed steadily to establish itself as a trusted name in providing quality healthcare to thousands of patients. Dr Sirajudeen P M, CEO and chairman, has been the leading light for the Medical Group throughout this journey, guiding and motivating his team of committed and dedicated staff. The Group today has three clinics, three pharmacies, an optical shop in Dubai and one clinic in Bangalore, India. They continue to offer patient-oriented care of superior quality by maintaining a consistent approach to offer service marked by excellence and compassion.

Sirajudeen Medical Centre (SMC)

Sirajudeen Medical Centre based in Karama provides high quality treatment to hundreds of patients every day. The medical centre is a solace for many expatriate workers and their families all across Dubai, who often find it difficult to avail themselves of standard medical treatment at reasonable rates. Around 175-200 patients visit the centre daily, which indicates that they are satisfied with the service and ambience of Sirajudeen Medical Centre.

Karama, where the Medical Centre is located, is a fast developing residential and commercial area. The centre is easily accessible from anywhere in Dubai, as it is right opposite to the Karama Bus Station, in the first floor of the Sony-Jumbo building, which is an important landmark in the area. Adequate parking facility and easy access through public transport network with the proximity to the Karama Bus Station are the major advantages of this location.

The Medical Centre, which spans over an area of around 4300 square feet, is a multi-specialty complex. Apart from the general physician, they have specialist doctors including gynecologist, pediatrician, traumatologist, and ophthalmologist. The Medical Centre also has a full-fledged dental department and the team of doctors here includes orthodontists, endodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist, dental surgeons and dental general practitioners.

To support the highly efficient and experienced doctors of the Medical Centre, they have a team of well-trained staff nurses and dedicated paramedical staff. Besides, the committed group of front desk staff is always ready to help the patients and provide them with all information they need. The Medical Centre has arranged separate reception areas for male and female patients, equipped with audio and video facilities.

What makes SMC stand apart from other medical centres is that the treatment here is affordable for people belonging to all sections of the society. The experienced healthcare professionals are always at their service, offering comprehensive treatments that cater to the preventive, curative and emergency requirements of patients belonging to all age groups.

SMC management believes that the key to delivering good care is a well-planned environment that is conducive to healing. Keeping this in mind, the centre provides facilities that match the needs of a diverse set of patients.

Goals of Sirajudeen Medical Centre

Sirajudeen Medical Centre aims:

• To provide personalized, comprehensive and high quality healthcare
• To be recognized for earning customer’s trust by using appropriate and cost-effective tools for the most effective treatment
• To develop a series of quality out-patient multi-specialty healthcare centres
• To provide a congenial and progressive work environment for staff to serve with a smile

The Medical Centre aims to make quality healthcare accessible for all the residents of the United Arab Emirates. They consider it as their duty to develop and maintain a reliable network of cooperating specialties according to international standards. For this purpose, they keep themselves updated on a regular basis.

The Medical Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide top class service to the patients. They aspire to sustain a long-term and personal relationship with the patients and their families. Above all, Sirajudeen Medical Centre believes that promoting the health of the patients is as important as treating their illnesses.

New Apollo Poly Clinic

The New Apollo Poly Clinic under Dr Sirajudeen Medical Group is located at Karama Centre building near Karama Municipality. The clinic, which has a welcoming ambience with spacious layout and a pleasant atmosphere, is in the first floor of the building. The Clinic has eight departments, all of which offer superior service of specialist doctors who have years of experience. They have separate departments of general medicine, pediatry, gynecology, dermatology, ophthalmology, general surgery, dental and homeopathy. Moreover, the New Apollo Poly Clinic has a government-recognized laboratory with most modern diagnostic equipment and a physiotherapy centre.

The Poly Clinic is in the panel of almost all the leading insurance companies in the UAE. They also do medical services for various leading corporate companies.

Soft Touch Vitalis Polyclinic

Vitalis is a one-stop professional out-patient day care centre, which promises next-generation healthcare to the patients. They have set new standards for quality healthcare with a host of innovative features. Vitalis is a healthcare facility that provides its patients with a non-clinical ambience, which ensures that all the dealings of the patients are hassle-free. The clinic is open from morning till evening, which gives the patients much flexibility in timings they can visit. They have a team of trained and friendly multi-lingual staff, who are always ready to provide the best service to the patients and make them feel at home with the service marked by warmth and hospitality.

The clinic also has state-of-the-art equipment that help them provide their patients high-quality service without any time-lapse. Vitalis also offers multi-specialty surgical day care facility for minor procedures. As Vitalis cares not just for the individual, but for the whole family, it also offers the service of a specialist for family health.

Dr Sirajudeen Medical Group is setting a new trend in the healthcare sector with their efforts to make quality healthcare available to all. They give highest priority to the comfort of their patients and strive to provide them the best service, with the help of superior technology and efficient staff. The formula behind their steady graph of success is nothing but commitment to quality and dedication in service.

Contact Details:
First Floor, Jumbo Building
Karama – Dubai
For Consultation call: 04 334 5955
Fax: 04 335 0955
Website: www.smcdubai.com

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