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Sudhakaran believes that the possibilities for the company to grow will be unlimited if it could achieve a place in the hearts of its customers

Sudhakaran Pulukkul

A native of Payyanur, Kannur, Sudhakaran Pulukkul is the Managing Director and the man behind the unprecedented success of Al Ashwaq Group, established in the year 1985 and registered in Dubai, UAE. For more than 20 years, the group has been standing tall in the Dubai construction industry and creating a niche for many other aspiring contracting companies. They are the leading electromechanical service providers in the market. Under the strong leadership of Sudhakaran, backed by a team of experienced and skillful staff, the company offers effective solutions for electro-mechanical services to their contractors. The company is managed by a team of very well experienced professionals, comprising experts in the areas of total electro-mechanical services.With an expert workmanship and intelligent resourcefulness, the company strives to deliver ultimate satisfaction to the customers and clients. Al Ashwaq, as one of the foremost companies in the industry, takes pride in being associated with top-most Civil Engineering Consultants, reputed Civil Contractors & also with many renowned clients, both in government and private sectors.

What makes Al Ashwaq a trusted company in the Dubai construction industry?

• They maintain improved customer satisfaction to sustain in the market
• The team at Al Ashwaq aims for organizational development by enriching Technical and Human Resources
• The company adopts and implements modern technical and management perceptions
• Besides, they render more emphasize on quality-oriented productivity
• They don’t compromise on safety, health and environment management areas

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The company’s capabilities, potential, capacity and specialization in ably and professionally executing  any type of projects are well recognized in the market. Furthermore, with their ability and capacities to  take up challenging assignments within short notice as well as delivering the task with esteemed workmanship have earned them many respected clients.

Company’s Vision

Al Ashwaq aims to emerge as a front runner in providing best and excellent services to all their privileged patrons, adopting vibrant development tools taking into consideration care and development of resources, as well as strictly complying with statutory and national interests. Their mission is to take a responsible approach to their major areas of function and also make sure that they continue to sustain customer satisfaction in order to achieve their vision.

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Managing Director’s views:

As the managing director of Al Ashwaq, Sudhakaran believes that the possibilities for the company to grow will be unlimited if it could achieve a place in the hearts of its customers as the provider of total solutions for electromechanical services that suit all their needs. The MD asserts that they still practice the same principles and strong values upon which the company was founded and they are the reasons for their continued achievements and growth.

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The main goal of the company is to deliver efficient, cost effective, and high quality construction as well as building contracting services. In managing director’s words, this is accomplished by empowering their team, by constantly seeking improvement in knowledge and experience, also by expanding their thinking and resources in tandem with the evolution of the world economy, community and technology.A brief about Al Ashwaq’s Services:
Al Ashwaq, one of the top-notch MEP Contracting establishments, executes all types of electrical, plumbing, fire alarm and fire-fighting systems and air conditioning services in the UAE construction industry. They are mainly involved in undertaking total contract of MEP services. So far, they have carried out several projects with many reputed companies in Dubai and enjoy the reputation as a reliable agency to execute the targeted project in time.

Electrical Services
• Execution of all types of electric installation and commissioning activity
• Maintenance of all kinds of electric installations
• Upgradation of any kind of electrical set-up (LT)
• All kinds of Low Current systems Plumbing (Drainage & Water Supply)
• Execution of all types of plumbing work including drainage and water supply service installations to name a few
• Maintenance and modernization of plumbing installations.
Fire Alarm & Fire-Fighting System
• Installation of Fire Alarm System
• Installation of Fire Fighting System
• Installations of Sprinkler Systems
• Interfacing of Low Current Systems with FA & FF Air Conditioning & Ventilation System
• Installation of Chillers, FAHU, AHU and Split Units
• Installation of Chilled water pipes, ducts, etc.
• Installations of Grills and Diffusers
Furthermore, being a responsible and established contracting firm, Al Ashwaq also ensures excellent after-job services, timely coordination by engineers and workers at site and gets a statutory clearance with DEWA, Dubai Civil Defence, Dubai Municipality, ETISALAT, DU and many other agencies for their clients.

The Al Ashwaq Group also operates other organizations in construction, education and health care industry. Here is a brief about each of them: Al Ashwaq Building Materials Trading LLC Al Ashwaq Building Materials Trading LLC is the Main Distributer of a wide variety of natural laminated panels produced by Timbermate-HMT Industries Corp., in the Middle East . These top-quality panels for walls, ceilings, cabinetry, dividers, doors and table tops are made of indigenous materials harvested from Philippine forests. They come in attractive designs and are chemically treated with fungicide and insecticide to prevent any damage in the future. Al Ashwaq is also the Distributer of Timbermate’s wood-filler, the only one of its kind that promises not to crack, shrink and sink or fallout. It works with any finish, is freeze/thaw stable, never dries out, and mixes perfectly with oil or latex tints or stains, just like real wood. Al Ashwaq is one of the prominent and reputed building materials, hardware and electrical items supplying companies in the UAE. The company is registered in Dubai, UAE, and managed by highly qualified team of experts in the area of hardware services.

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Al Ashwaq Sivadam Builders Pvt Ltd
The Al Ashwaq Sivadam Builders Pvt. Ltd has undertaken some of the finest projects back in India. One among these is the hotel apartment project that has been efficaciously incorporated. Moreover, the company’s villa projects in Kannur district are done to perfection and excellence.

Hotel Apartment Palm Jumeirah

Anaamaya Medical Institute, Payyanur, Kerala
Al Ashwaq Group is the main promoter of Anaamaya Medical Institute, Payyanur. Anaamaya, in Sanskrit, means a state of non-existence of disease. The venture aims to provide quality and comprehensive healthcare to people belonging to all sectors of the society. A multi-specialty hospital has been established under the Medical Institute, with the objective of filling the gap in the availability of tertiary care in the area. The Institute also has a nursing college under it. Besides, courses on medical lab technology, x-ray and pharmacy are offered by the Institute. In the long run, a medical college and dental college will also come up and Anaamaya will be developed into a research centre, integrating all new technologies and manpower of high caliber.

About Managing Director
Sudhakaran Pulukkul is an active member of the Payyanur Souhruda Vedi. He is married to Nileena, who is also actively involved in the business. They have three children.

With his family


Kerala address:
Kandoth {PO}, Payyanur {Via}
Kannur {Dist.}, Kerala
Pin: 670307
Phone: +91 4985 209543
Mobile: +91 9400150015

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