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E M Ashraf, Director, Kairali People TV Middle East News and Programmes

E M Ashraf (Edappakath Muhammad Ashraf) is the director of Kairali TV Middle East (News and Programmes). Besides being an accomplished journalist, Ashraf is also an established Malayalam writer and film critic script writer and short film director In Kairali People channels he hosts a popular show titled ‘Gulf Focus’ which addresses the issues faced by Gulf Malayalis.Ashraf, hailing from Kadalayi village in Kannur district, is the son of the late K P Moidu and E Ayshabi.

After earning postgraduate degrees in Malayalam and Journalism, he started working in Kalakaumudi magazine. He has also worked in Kerala Kaumudi before joining Malayalam Communications . Always active in journalists’ organizations, he has held various positions like the president of the Indian Media Forum, UAE and the district president of Kerala Working Journalist Union, Kannur. He was also a member of the advisory committee to Doordarshan and the Police Press Relation Committee to the Chief Minister of Kerala.

A man of letters, Ashraf has written a number of books and articles. His books Vaikom Muhammad Basheer: Ezhuthum Jeevithavum (Biography of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer) published by mathrubhumi books andAzhikkodinte Yathrakal (Biography of Sukumar Azhikode) published by LIPI publications have been well accepted by literary enthusiasts. Other major works of Ashraf include Film Avabodham in 1987, Kazhchayile Kalapam, Ore Oru Jeevitham: Swami Ananda Theertha published by LIPI publications, Mayyazhi Kathakal (Compilation), Ee Velichathinu Enthoru Velicham, Yamunayude Theerangalil (Travel experience with M. Mukundan) published by D C Books, History of Malayalam Cinema and PK Adhava Punathil Kunhabdulla (A book on Malayalam writer Punathil Kunhabdulla).

Also, some of the best sellers like Bashherinte Airavathangal published by Kerala Sahithya Acadamy, T .Padmanabhan Kalayum Jeevithavum published by P K brothers, Calicut, Komaalikal of Punathil Kunjabdulla articles published by Current Books, Calicut, Cinima: Charithravum Charithra Raahithyavum published by Sahithya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangam, Kayyoppukal based on films

by Kairali books, Keraleeya Kadhakal published by DC Books, Navasinima published by Chiranthana, Dubai, Kunjayan Kadhakal published by NBS, Varthakalkkappuram published by Samayam, Kannur were also written by E M Ashraf. He once interviewed the renowned Indian painter M F Hussain, which was published in Malayalam and English. The interview was published in English under the title, ‘Journey of Indian ‘Barefoot’ Master’ by Calicut University.


  • Kerala chalachitra academy (Govt of Kerala) award for best film article on malayalam cinema
  • Kerala press academy (govt of kerala) award for best crime report
  • Junior fellowship from Central Govt human resource ministry for research on Vaikom mohammed basheer
  • More than 15 awards for best performance of gulf programme GULF FOCUS and reports , and best journalist performance
  • Asia vision award 4 time winner

Apart from these, some of his famous books were also translated to various languages. His evergreen literature Basheer’s biography was translated to Tamil by Kuranjivelan, and M F Hussain’s interview was translatedto English.and Arabic..Arabic by Sharjah Cultural Department.. This book was selected as Best Arabic Book of 2014 by Government of Sharjah ..

Even though, Ashraf is a born journalist and writer, his passion towards cinema and documentaries helped him to establish a good rapport with the Malayalam film industry.


  • Doordarshan Programme advisory committee member
  • Kannur Press club President and General Secretary
  • Indian Media Forum President U A E
  • Kerala Govt Police press coordination member

Those relations also inspired him to make some good documentaries and short films, which later got huge applauds from the crowd. Some of his famous documentaries are Circus, Mappila Logam, Arakkal Chirakkal, Deva Logam (a documentary on M V Devan) etc. His short film Bonjour Mayyazhi won the Kerala state award in 2015 for three categories like best script, best screenplay and best film.

In recognition of his contributions towards cinema, journalism and efforts related to human rights as part of the Gulf Focus programme, Ashraf has received a number of awards and honors. They include: Kerala Press Academy (Kerala Government) Award for the Best Crime report, Kerala Government’s Chalachitra Academy Award for Best Article on Malayalam Film History, Award for the Best Film Article from Kerala Film Critics Association, and UGMA Award for the Best Pravasi Journalist. He has also won the Junior Fellowship from the Human Resources Department of the Government of India for research on Vaikom Mohammed Basheer. Moreover, Ashraf is the four time winner of Asian Vision Award and he also received more than 15 awards for his best performance in gulf programme GULF FOCUS and reports.

He also received a huge appreciation from the Prime Minister of UAE for managing the best programme on UAE PM’s visit to India.E M Ashraf is married to Mahe Jabeen, a home maker. The couple is blessed with two daughters – Zubin and Zeba. Zubin is a post graduate in Biochemistry and he is now working as a clinical data management researcher in Bangalore. Zeba is a graduate.

Writer of following books
Vaikom Mohammed Basheer Biography published by mathrubhoomi books
Dr Sukumar Azhikode Biography By LIPI publications
Swami Anandatheerthar Biography LIpi
On Mukundan Travelling to haridwar with M mukundan..Yamunayude theernagalil DC books
Bashherinte iravathangal edited published by kerala sahithya acadamy
T .Padmanabhan kalayum jeevithavum edite ..published by p k brothers calicut
Komaalikal edited punathil kunjabdulla s articles and published by current books calicut
Cinima .. charithravum charithra raahithayvum…sahithya pravarthaka sahakarana sangam
Kayyoppukal on film by kairali books
Navasinima… by chiranthana dubai
On M F Hussain published by D C Books
P K Athava Punathil Kunhabdulla by Mathrubhumi Books

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