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To be the number one service provider in developing healthy individuals, families and societies and to enable every individual to achieve self-actualisation

Susan Koruthu Founder and Owner Sceptre Life Skills and Mind Fitness Centre

Susan Koruthu, a native of Peruva in Kottayam district, is the founder and owner of Sceptre Life Skills and Mind Fitness Centre, an institution which offers counselling, guidance, essential skills coaching, mind fitness and grooming programme for children, couple, family and career. Sceptre was established in 2010 in Dubai, under the directives of Community Development Authority (CDA) and Human Development Authority (KHDA).Susan is a licensed professional counselor and an approved guiding professional under CDA, Dubai. She designs and delivers unique tailor-made life changing Essential Skills Development Programme (ESDP) to improve the personal and professional skills and attitudes in students, professionals, employees and leaders. Susan is an expert in designing and delivering unique, client-centred counselling, personality grooming, residential workshops, mind-fitness programme and boot camps. She has unique ability to create confident leaders, public speakers and presenters through specially designed professional grooming sessions. Her clientele include large corporate, SMEs, business leaders, professionals, couples, families, students and children.

Sceptre stimulates the natural growth and potential of a person, thus helping him/her deal efficiently with various situations in life. The institution primarily focuses on the psychosocial, emotional, intellectual, moral and ego development of the individuals.

Golden Achievement Award

Susan holds master degrees in Applied Psychology (MSc in Industrial/Organisational Behaviour and Counselling) and Social Work (MSW in Delinquency and Correctional Administration). She is currently doing her PhD in the Psycho-Social Impact of Infertility and MBA in Strategic and Leadership Management. She launched Sceptre with the confidence of having around 18 years of experience related to diverse areas including employee development, people and performance management in the multinational corporate world. Moreover, she has 12 years of progressive experience in essential skills coaching, counselling and guidance. Susan is also an experienced organisational coach and employee counsellor. She has good knowledge and excellent skills in organisational development including performance reviews and strategic planning, employee coaching, employee counseling, career advancement counseling, performance management, leadership development, team building, Employee Assistance Programme(EAP) and Manager Development Programme(MDP). Besides, she has expertise in dealing with addictions and stress management. Susan has worked with over 25 different nationalities.

Inaugural Ceremony of Sceptre
Sceptre is committed to providing a broad range of high quality, innovative, ethical and unique Client-focused services that address their psychological, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and developmental needs.
Susan’s client focused and result oriented marriage guidance and marriage preparation coaching, couple counseling, adolescent development programme, love and relationship counseling, career guidance, family counselling, student guidance and behavior modification programme based on integrated therapies and experiential learning skills are found to be very successful . Infertility counseling, a new therapy developed by Susan, has proven to be highly effective for infertile couples struggling to deal with social stigma, family pressure, treatment failures, anxiety and depression related to the condition and develop mental toughness and strength.Susan is also a TV and radio personality, who shares her knowledge in areas related to social and mental health through these media. She used to run a popular live weekly show on NTV, Dr Manashasthri in 2013 and 2014, educating public on the importance of positive mental health and developing mind fitness to lead a happy and successful life.Susan was born as the daughter of the late Varkey Abraham and Chinnamma Abraham. She came to Dubai in 1996 and worked for a multinational company for around 14 years. She started Sceptre in 2010. Susan is married to Maju Koruthu, who is working as a sales manager at Universal Lightings. The couple has two daughters- Shreya, an 8th standard student, and Rhea, one-and-a-half year old.

The specialist services offered by Sceptre include:• Child & Students Development Programme
• Counselling & Guidance Services
• Infertility Support Programme
• Marriage & Family Support Programme
• Organisational Development Programme
• Public Programme & Workshops
• Training/Coaching Programme

In a Public Programme

About Sceptre

Sceptre helps individuals identify their infinite potential and develop them fully to lead a purposeful and content life. The institution aspires to facilitate the development of emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and psychological wellbeing of people. What make Sceptre unique are its competitive, cutting edge and unique therapeutic techniques besides along with years-long experience in professional coaching and counselling.It stands apart from traditional service providers with professionalism, use of contemporary techniques, result-oriented approach and added personal touch.Sceptre provides a wide range of counselling and guidance services, essential skills coaching, various personal as well as professional development programme.

Sceptre’s portfolio of services is recognised for its breadth and depth of focus, quality, interactive, practical and result-oriented nature. The core areas of service are children, marriage, family and career. As essential skills coaches and mental health specialists, Sceptre focus on kids, adolescents, youth and adults in every walk of life with functional issues, adjustment problems, emotional and intellectual issues. It can help individuals in designing, formulating,

implementing and controlling the strategies for personal/professional growth as well as marriage and family life.Sceptre also offers professional coaching and internship programme for counselling professionals who wants to develop their skills in the areas of counselling and guidance.Sceptre offers counseling and guidance services through its professional and experienced counselors. Sceptre Life Skills and Mind Fitness Centre are based fundamentally on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT). They give emphasis to personcentered therapy and use integrated therapies as per the unique requirements of the clients. The specialised counseling services offered by Sceptre include kids counseling, student counseling, career guidance, employee counseling, leadership counseling, family guidance, parents guidance, pre-marital counseling, marriage counselling, divorce counseling, personal guidance, mind power/ toughness counseling, addiction counseling, post-traumatic counseling and stress and anxiety counseling. Sceptre also offers essential skills development workshops and individual sessions of kids, teenagers, youths, adults, professionals and home makers that help them face the challenges in their personal and professional lives with confidence.

Intl Womens Day with Nirmala Seetharaman

Susan has played a significant role in World Health Organisation’s (WHO) project to rehabilitate street children in India. She has published a number of case studies in national and international research journals. In 2014, she won the Golden Achievement Award, for her contributions towards the fields of social
care and human development.

Sceptre Inauguration with Monse Joseph

Another special service offered by Sceptre is infertility support programme. The programme help couple deal with the current issues, accept the reality, deal with social and family pressures, select the right treatment, and more. Sceptre has highly competent experts in infertility therapy with around two decades of practical experience.

Sceptre has on offer various counselling and coaching programme, both one-on-one and group sessions that are age specific, unique and client focused. The counselling and guidance services of Sceptre are tailor-made, client-centred therapeutic and skills enhancement sessions based on eclectic and integrated approach. Special care has been taken to ensure high level of confidentiality and empathy. Sceptre gives the parents the best opportunity to invest for their children which facilitates developing the right personality and learn essential life skills at an early age which make them global leaders. Sceptre also has specialised programme for corporate companies and professionals that aim to improve productivity and overall development.

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