George Arakal

Mr.George Arakal is the BAS Service Manager of Schneider Electric. He worked in Honeywell, Sausi Arabia as Operation Manager and Navel Dockare, Bombay as Supervisor.From 1836 to today, Schneider Electric has transformed itself into the global specialist in energy management. Starting from its roots in the iron and steel industry, heavy machinery, and ship building, it moved into electricity and automation management.

Mr.George Arakal recieved Supertec Award from Honeywell in 1986. He is the Vice President of Pooram. He is interested inTravelling and Sports.

Born in Arakal House, Chalakudy in Trissur Mr.George Arakal is married to Mrs Mercy, is worked in Indian Embassy School, Saudi Arabia. The couple has 2 children, Cybil and Roshan.

P.O. Box : 341057
Dubai, UAE
Tel : +971 4 7099200
Fax: +971 4 7099250
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Arakal House,
Potta P.O

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