Mr. D.Chandran is the Managing Director of Ginco Contracting Co LLC. He was born in 1948 in the Island village of Managalam, which is a part of Arattupuzha Panchayath in Alappuzha Distric.

Immediately after engineering graduation he arrived in Dubai in 1977 and started working as a site engineer with a contracting company named Al basti and Mukhta. He worked 11 years in that company. Due to his hard work and dedication he reached the position of Senior Project Manager within a short period in that company. In 1988 he joined Ginco Contracting Co as the Chief Engineer.

Within a span of 30 years he has grown from a site Engineer to Project Engineer, Project Manager, Chief Engineer, Technical Manager and became Managing Director in th following Companies.

  1. Ginco Contracting Co.LLC, Sharjah
  2. GCC Contracting, Dubai
  3. Ginco Cont LLC, Abu Dhabi
  4. Ginco Elect & Sanitary Cont Co LLC, Sharjah
  5. Al Karnak Furniture & Decor LLC, Sharjah
  6. Ginco General Trading, Dubai
  7. GDM Auditorium, Kayamkulam
  8. GDM Gold, Kayamkulam

Regarding his family life, Mr.Chandran married Dr. Mony Chandran in 1979 . She is a medical practitioner. She is running her own private clinic in Sharjah since 1984. They have two children Mr. Bipin Chandran and Dr. Biju Chandran

P.O. Box : 1809
Sharjah, UAE
Tel : +971 65531532
Fax: +97165531545
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