Vinod Kumar Nambiar


Chairman & Managing Director
Vintron General Trading L.L.C
Vienna Engineering
Linu Electricals & Sanitary works

Vinod Kumar Nambiar belongs to Vadakkanthara, Palakkad. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Vintron Group of Companies, a reputed trading and dealing company which deals with laboratory consumables, safety tools, building materials and office equipments in the Middle East. He has also established two other companies, i.e: Vienna Engineering Company and Linu Electricals & Sanitary Works with varied activities. His passion for innovation & entrepreneurial ideas led him into several businesses that led to carve out a niche & lucrative business empire. Vintron Group of Companies is a professionally managed company that brings superior products for a competitive price.


Vintron is a group of three companies, namely :-

• Vintron General Trading LLC
• Vienna Engineering
• Linu Electricals and Sanitary works
Vintron aims to improve Products/Services and launch new unique specialty products on a continuous basis. Vienna Engineering offers services in Fabrication, Machining, manufacturing, erection & installation

Vintron aims to improve Products/Services and launch new unique specialty products on a continuous basis. Vienna Engineering offers services in Fabrication, Machining, manufacturing, erection & installation works. They also handle Dust extraction unit, Smooth exhaust ducting & paint booth ducting works, Gypsum Partition, tile work, Epoxy painting works etc. Linu Electricals is an established Company having expertise in handling all types of electrical & plumbing works

Vintron Group of Companies is one of the most multi-disciplined and fast growing business enterprises in the UAE. Vintron Group, with its commitment to quality in its quest for constant excellence in all its ventures, has earned a remarkable position in the market. The Group’s unparalleled success is built on a solid foundation of principles and a unique set of attributes. Vintron, with its cutting edge management and staff are composed of individuals with extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise and continues to rise to the challenges that rapid development in United Arab Emirates has generated. Vintron believes that excellence is possible through effective teamwork, transparent co-operation and a shared approach based on minimum risk and maximum profit. Vintron’s major products and areas of service are:-

• Laboratory Consumables

Vintron’s Laboratory consumables are testing equipment for the construction Industry, road testing equipment, wide range of ovens, incubators, water baths and associated thermal products, coating inspection equipment, digital thermometers and probes for non-contact type measurements, and other parameters like pH, conductivity, TDS, moisture, light, wind, wind speed, humidity measurements etc.

• Safety Equipments

Fluorescent jackets, fluorescent baton, safety uniforms, safety shoes, safety glasses, rotating beacon lights, safety sign boards are some of the equipments that dispensed by Vintron.

• Specialty Spray Coating Products

a) Pure Zinc coating that provides long term protection against rust & corrosion. Excellent repair for cracked, galvanized, rusted & welded surface. Heat resistant up to 300F, paint primer or finished coat).
b) Rubberized coating.
c) Metal protector for resistance against rocks, gravel, chemicals etc.
d) Enamel paints.

• Spray Cleaning Products

a) Degreaser –dissolves grease, grime, and penetrating solvent.
b) Electronic cleaner that leaves no residues. It’s fast drying & has lower flash point.
c) Electric Motor cleaner.
d) Brake & parts cleaner.

• Electrical accessories

Vintron deals with a wide range of Electrical accessories like switches and sockets enhanced by other electrical wiring accessories (Domestic/Commercial and Industrial), circuit breakers, conduits, trunking and fittings, commercial and industrial lighting products etc that are supplied to building and construction, mining and general industrial sectors.

• Plumbing accessories

The company has a large range of plumbing materials & fittings, bathroom fixtures and fittings, tiles and plumbing materials.

Vienna and Linu offers the following Services

• Fabrication/ Machining Light & Medium job
• Manufacturing, Erection & Installation Works
• Ferrous & Non Ferrous Turning works
• Renovation & Maintenance work
• Electrical & Plumbing Services
• Gypsum Partition and Joinery works
• Tile fixing, Painting and false ceiling works
• Epoxy Floor Painting works(both self-levelling and roller cost)
• Dust extraction unit installation and related ducting work
• Smoke exhaust ducting, paint booth ducting work
• Roller shutter installation and maintenance work
• Industrial storage rack installation work
• Parking canopy and vehicle canopy installation work
• AC Maintenance and related ducting work
• Maintenance contracts

Managing Director in Focus:

Born to Late Shri. Viswanathan Nambiar, a Merchant Navy officer and Sarojini Nambiar, a home maker, in Vadakkanthara, Palakkad, Kerala, Vinod Kumar Nambiar was very enthusiastic in his studies. He is an extraordinarily dynamic, self-made businessman. After schooling, Mr. Nambiar completed his graduation from the prestigious Victoria College. Then that he took a Plastic Engineering degree from Indian Plastic Institute, Mumbai in 1998. Consequently, he started working with the Hinduja group for 6 months. He has also worked with Dr. Rashmi Mayur, a noted environmentalist for three years. Then he started a company M/s. Vin-Vin-Traders in his home town Palakkad which lasted till 2002. After working in Mumbai, he moved to Dubai, UAE in the year 2003 and joined in the Chemistry Department of the well reputed Al Futtaim Bodycote Testing LLC, formerly Al Futtaim Carillion for 5 years.

Entrepreneurship was always in his mind and Mr.Vinod Nambiar quit his job and started Vintron General Trading LLC. with only 5 staff which now has grown up to comprise 28 staff in total. Now Vintron is supplying aerosol product and workshop consumables to the very Al Futtaim.

Mr. Vinod is married to Dr. Smitha Vinod, an MBA holder who looks after the task of Finance Manager in Vintron General Trading LLC. The couple is blessed with two children, namely, Varsha Vinod and Vani Vinod. Varsha is in 6th standard and Vani is in Upper KG in the Sharjah Indian School.

Mr. Vinod Nambiar is a member of Indian Association of Sharjah and Indian Business People Forum (IBPC –Dubai). He is also the Secretary of Sadudhyama (a group of Businessmen from Sharjah and registered under IBPC Sharjah).

Contact Details:

P.O.Box 78356, Damas Tower, P44, 2P
King Faizal Street, Sharjah, UAE
Phone (Office): 065610837
Fax: 042676434, 065597835
Trade Enquiry Contact No: 056-818-0236
website: www.vintron-world.com