Over a decade Athena Education founded by Educationist and banker by profession Mr V.N.P.Raj has been the path breaker in the educational industry.Athena Education ,which was established at 2009 is the leading educational group in the UAE.It has several educational institution which includes seven K to 12 schools ,four American Curriculum and 3 British Curriculum schools and twp nursery schools across UAE.Athena Education believes in providing knowledge to their students that will help them to enrich and develop as a better human beings and excel in their lives.The Athena group of institutions has been immensely successful in creating a new horizon and ventures in the primary and secondary education sector in UAE.

Athena Education has revolutionised the learning programmes for the students with information technological innovation.The foundation has several software deployed across teaching,learning and assessment programs.

The Group today has over 2000 teachers and in excess of 9000 students comprising of 135 nationalities, across its current portfolio of schools. Athena Foundation aims at establishing 20 primary and secondary schools across Gulf Cooperation Council (GCG) OFFERING UK,USA and Indian curriculum.

Genesis of Athena Education

Trivandrum Grammar School in Trivandrum was the first educational institution started by the Athena Foundation.This was followed by the Grammar School in Dubai, Al Sadiq Islamic School, Oaktree Primary School, American International School, Al Wahda Private School in Sharjah, Balloon International Nursery, Suweihat Nursery by Mr Prasanna Raj.

Mr Prasanna Raj was always passionate about the educational industry. Athena Foundation was his fruit of his hardwork and determination to revolutionise the sector with technological innovation.

It all started when he decided to his 15 year long job in National Bank Of Dubai.The ability and enthusiasm to get into new fields served as investment to enter as a trainer at the National Bank of Dubai’s training college. Corporate consulting studies along with part time job. That was another step in the turning point of his life. After establishing a successfully Management Consultant and Chartered Accountants in UAE Mr Prasanna was on the making of the Athena Education. By then PRS Consultancy was branded as a corporate management advisor for leading companies in the UAE. Later, it grew into a full-fledged enterprise offering all services in business management under one shade. Audit, Internal audit, Company Formation, Business Advisory, Feasibility Study, Business Valuations, Corporate Reorganization and Risk Management are some of the services provided by the Company.

Athena Education’s growth is predominantly by the leadership of the founder Prasanna Raj , who was a faculty member at the National Bank of Dubai Training College has served in Asian Business School, SP Jain Singapore, and as a visiting faculty for corporate banking in Dubai campuses for three years. This professional experience is what led to the introduction of a company named Athena Education. Various institutions were started under Athena Educations with the aim of providing quality education for students from kindergarten to Class XII.


The methods used in Athena Educational institutions are quite different from those observed in the conventional teaching methods. The methods are designed bring the institutions of Athena to the high standards of international universities with high quality educational facilities and programs.The pillars of Athena group of educations includes knowledge skills,creativity related to world,develop independent and situational thinker,digital competence with knowledge.

Differences in the style of Athena Athena’s unique education system is shaped by the fact that education is not good enough without providing special care to the children. They should be given care and love in school before starting to learn. For the same reason, the teachers in Athena start teaching only after they have convinced the students that they love them. Athena makes the kids happy at school. Athena management also focuses on giving special care to teachers and parents along with students.

Athena introduces a method of study that combines knowledge, skill and creativity. Learning also gives the opportunity to know about the world around them.

Success stories Trivandrum Grammar School follow a different style of teaching with the combination of Indian curriculum and the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom. The students from 1 to 3 years of age are studying here. The syllabus developed by the educational experts from UK and India called the Athena Kids has been introduced to the kindergarten level.

Athena group of educations assures kids about the values of love, acceptance and acceptability. The child is trained to behave effectively in a social environment with different cultures. The group of institution is developing their student by encouraging them to think freely and to become friends with nature. The study method is based on the conviction that no education will be completed without the use of information technology.

Trivandrum Grammar School follow a different style of teaching with the combination of Indian curriculum and the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom. The students from 1 to 3 years of age are studying here. The syllabus developed by the educational experts from UK and India called the Athena Kids has been introduced to the kindergarten level. Also CBSE syllabus from grade 1. Balloon International Nursery under Athena works at Kesavadasapuram in Trivandrum.

Athena Foundation also focuses on tie up with outstanding schools in dubai ,and create benchmark in the educational industry.

Acquired by Athena in Dec 2015.Established in 1970 .The School has excellence in education embedding high moral values to students.The school follows the English National Curriculum and caters for students from Foundation Stage up to and including year 13.The Grammar School has 1241 students ranging from FS2 to Year 13 managed by110 staff in the faculty.

Established in 1989, the school completed 25 years of excellence in education embedding high moral values in the students.The school provides a UK based education with Islamic principles and values. Al Sadiq Islamic English School follows British Curriculum which leads to IGCSE of University of Cambridge accreditation.The school has above 2350 students and employs around 165 and teachers

Acquired by Athena in Sep 2016.Oaktree Primary School started in 2016, currently the school is operating with 200 students and 23 full time teachers. The school provides British Curriculum education and caters to FS to Year 6.

Became a part of Athena in Dec 2017.Al Wahda Private School is a leading K-12 school located in Al Qarayen 3, Sharjah UAE.The school teaches American Curriculum which is a pathway to the Universities of American curriculum accreditation.Established in 2004, the school is an NCA -National Curriculum Authority accredited school A recognized IELTS Testing Centre

Became a Athena group member in Dec 2017.American International School, started in Aug 2003, caters to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Follows American curriculum of California core standards.It has an international program of studies which meets the needs of the multinational community in the UAE. It was inaugurated in August 2003.

Al Resalah American International School is a new American curriculum school located in Al Rahmania area in the Emirate of Sharjah. The school had its humble beginning opening in August 2015

The Glorious Journey of Mr Prasanna Raj

Prasanna Raj ,a native of Alathukavu village near Kilimanoor, achieved success with great hard work and dedication.He is the son of Late Vasudevan Nair and Janakiyamma. Prasanna Raj was raised and educated by his mother who was a primary school teacher after his father’s death. He did his education in Aroorschool (Govt. L.P School), Raja Ravi Varma High School, Govt. Arts College, M.G College and SN College, Kollam.

Prasanna Raj graduated with a second rank in M.A Economics and aspired to be a college teacher. He succeeded in fulfilling the dreams by providing a different kind of education compared to the basic education style for thousands of students through Athena Educations.

He is a banker by profession but he was always inclined to teaching.He got a job in Dhanalakshmi Bank as a trainee clerk.

The search for a better job kept on going. That’s how he got the appointment as probationary officer in the Ernakulam branch of Karnataka Bank in 1981. Later, he got transferred to the Kozhikode branch. He got married when he was working in Kozhikode.

At the age of 30, he was transferred as the manager of Trivandrum branch, one of the major branches of Kerala, as a recognition for PrasannaRaj’s ability, earnest effort and hard work.He went on to become a Senior Manager and Area Development Manager.

In the meantime, PrasannaRaj’s thinking and perspectives had changed. Balakrishna Pillai, a close relative of his wife, whom he considered his guru influenced his views. He was influential in giving Prasanna Raj a new perceptive and goal in life.

His life took a new turn when he quit his job as a banker and moved to UAE.He worked hard to pursue his dream to be Educationist.He established Athena Education at 2009.Later he ventured his business to Hospital industry by establishing Pazhaveedu Medical Care. Pazhaveedu Medical Care hospitals are a chain of hospital that sets a role model in the service sector in Kerala. Low cost treatments is what sets Pazhaveedu Medical Care hospitals apart. Pazhaveedu Medical Care’s branches are functioning at Pazhaveedu, Punnapra, Thalavadi and Neendakara.

PrasannaRaj’s is married to Sasikala who is a family member of the Pazhaveeduvadakke Alappat family in Alappuzha district. With an experience of over 25 years in the State Bank Of Travancore and Emirates Bank, she has been involved in all of his businesses right from the start. Their only daughter, Parvati Raj is an attorney and lives in America and is married to Ramesh Chandran who works as a software developer in Amazon.