Sajid Aboobacker

Mr. Sajid Aboobacker is the Advocate and Legal Consultant of Al Obaidli and Al Zarooni. He came to Dubai on 1999. MR. MOHAMMED ABUDLLAH AL OBAIDLI , Advocate & Legal Consultant , a UAE national having vast experience in the field of law and is duly licensed to practice before all the courts in the UAE viz. The Supreme Court of UAE , Court of Appeal , UAE Federal Courts as well as the local courts in the UAE. He has vast experience in every aspect of law & specialized in all civil & criminal cases especially cases related to banks viz. Personal loans , Auto loans , Credit Cards & all types of debt collection.

They have been in business for more than 14 years and we have more than 70 professionals working hard every day to help our clients meet their goals.
Mr. Sajid Aboobacker got Pravasi Bharatheeya Thilak Awards in 2008. He was the Indian consulate panal Lawyer for 10 years.

Mr. Sajid Aboobacker is the President of Vadakara NRI Forum and Kozhikode distric sectretary of Dubai KMCC. He was also the ex-general secretary of MBCC.

He belongs to Poolimakkool House at Vadakara in Kozhikode. Mrs. Najma is his wife, and the couple has three children, Thamjid Naushal and Narmin Sajid.

Phone: +971 (04) 222 2066
Fax: 042246046
Mobile: 0505780225
Website: www.ob-zr.ae

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