P.T. Abdul Rahman

Mr. P.T. Abdul Rahman is the Managing Director of Group 2 Securities. Group 2 Securities is a qualified security service provider based in Dubai. It has adapted a state of art facility to ensure the means of security in the field of services. To undertake highly challenging task, the management has set its expertise to establish a world class system to address the need of the day.

Group2 Securities recently honored the Best Employee for the year 2010. The selection is based on his good performance for the year, for tangible effort, distinctive competency, continuous flexibility and showing seamless productivity morale for our valued customer. The award is commenced by Mr. P.T. Abdul Rahman, Managing Director. He is now focusing in Project Group 2 Technical works. He held the position of Administration Secretary of Dubai Central Military Command. He was in Islamic Affairs Department (Govt Dubai).

Abdul Rahman wrote more than 30 articles in KHALEEJ TIMES(Dubai), Chief Editor Gulf Indian Directory and in DHARMAREKHA, first ever Islamic pgm in Asianet from Dubai. He got a appreciation award from Dubai Islamic affairs Dept. He got recognition from the DSF. He got Holy Quran award from Media Co-ordinates.

Abdul Rahman is the founder of Dubai Indian Islamic Centre. He also held the position of Secretary General of Non Residential Association, Ottapalam.

Hails from Anangadi, Palakkad, Mr Abdul Rahman is married to Mrs Amina. The couple has four children, Mohammed Al-Awwab(7th Standard) , Afnan(8th Standard), Hanan(2nd Standard), Ibtisam(KG).

Address: Office: P O Box 97183
Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 42974441
Fax: +971 4297443
Website: www.group2security.com

Residence: Thazhethethil House

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