Mustafa O. Vazayil

Mr. Mustafa O. Vazayil is the Managing Director of Gargash Insurance Group since 1994.He worked as a Manager of General Accident Insurance in U.K and Deputy General Manager in NZI, UAE.

The Gargash family began their trading activities in Dubai in the last decade of the nineteenth century. In 1918, the late Ali Gargash laid the foundation for what was to later emerge as a leading trading house in the Arabian Gulf.The activities of the Group include, among others, automobile dealership, agency representation for multinationals, manufacturing, real estate, financial services, etc.

The management team consists of largest number of senior insurance professionals in the insurance broking sector in UAE with a collective experience of close to 200 years in the insurance industry. The company employs one of the largest numbers of work force in the insurance broking sector of the UAE.

Mr. Mustafa O. Vazayil was the Founder and Director of ACE Finleast.Founder and Deputy M.D of Edakkal Plantation and Resorts.Founder and M.D of Khazana Builders Pvt Ltd.Founder and Director of Trio Holiding Pvt Ltd.Founder and M.D of Puthumz Builders Pvt Ltd.He is the member of Indian Club and the Secretary Genaral of Insurance Buisness Group, Dubai.

Mr. Mustafa O. Vazayil was interested in Reading and Travelling. Hailing from Tellicherry, Mr. Mustafa O. Vazayil is married to Mrs Zeenath Musthafa .The couple is blessed with 2 children Shalin and Zisheen.Shalin is working as Insurance Professional, USA.Zisheen is the Director of Designs USA.

P.O.Box 50251
Dubai , UAE.
Website: www.gargashinsurance.com

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