Mohideenkutty Haji

Mr. Mohideenkutty Haji is the Managing Director of Abdulla Al Khattal Group of company. Abdulla Al Khattal Group of company is a premium food stuff trading company based in Dubai, UAE. The company combines innovative thinking, quality products and professional service bring the company in market leader in the food stuff industry.

Their main product is fruits, vegetable, food stuff, fish & Poultry products. Mainly we are importing products from USA, Europe, Africa, North America, Newzeland, Australia, China, India & Pakistan. They are exporting all GCC Countries, Yemen, India & Pakistan. We are distributing all leading supermarket and hypermarket in UAE. We have more than 25 vegetable & fruits outlets in UAE.

Mohideenkutty Haji received social work Award in 2010 from Shihab Thankal Foundation. He is the Chief Patron of KMCC, Aweer, Patron of CH Centre Tirur and the director of Shihab Thankal Foundation.

Hailing from Kalpakancheri in Malapuram, he belongs to Parapurathu House. He is married to Mrs. Amina. They have two children, Ramla and Muhammed Mustafa.

Office : P.O.Box 294189
Aweer, UAE
Tel: +971 43200788
Fax: +971 43201797
Website: www.aak-foods.com

Residence : Parapurathu House

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