K.A. Saleem

K.A. Saleem is the Managing Director of Al Zahra Shipping & Logistics L.L.C. a leading freight forwarding company which has emerged to become one of the most reliable source for global logistics solution including shipping, freight forwarding and supply chain management.

The company has 25 years of working experience and it is reaping the fruit of its labor. With dedicated team of experts, whose insights are focused towards the provision of quality service to their clients.

In 2008 he started an educational institution, AL Siraj Educational Institute in Ajman.

AL Siraj Educational Institute is one of the prestigious institutes in Northern Emirates of UAE. Within a span of one year AL Siraj evolved as one of the leading institutes in Ajman with the dedicated work of all its employees.

AL Siraj’s Educational mission rests upon two principles|-Academic excellence and personality development of its students.

Over 180 students of different nationality pursue knowledge and truth within the classroom. It is an institute where faculty seek to educate, not indoctrinate and where they know their students by name. An institute where excellence is expected not only on academic level but also in every performance and activity.

He is the member of Indian Association, Islamic Cultural Centre and Kerala Youth Cultural Centre.

Hailing from Alamkode in Malapuram, K.A. Saleem belongs to Al Fatheh. He is married to Mrs. Suhara Saleem, Director of AL Siraj Educational Institute. They have 3 children, Siraj Ahmmed, Shahir Ahmed and Shaheena.


Office : Al Zahra Shipping & Logistics L.L.C
P.O.Box 172603
Ahli House, Al Nahda – 2
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 42345433
Mob: + 971 506314849
Fax: +971 42345430
Website: www.alsirajeducation.com, www.alzahrashipping.com

Residence : Al Fatheh
Alamkode P.O
975 585

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