Isha Farha Quraishy

Words fail when it comes to describing who Isha Farha Quraishy is as she wears many hats at the same time. A dynamic and accomplished individual with diverse talents and passions, Dr. Quraishy is an entrepreneur and technology expert specialising in the metaverse, an international inspirational speaker and the only celebrity tech host in the field. Apart from her professional activities, the entrepreneur is also a dedicated philanthropist and social volunteer, working to improve the lives of the underprivileged and for People of determination.

Dr. Quraishy was born in Thrissur and completed her schooling at Amrita Vidyalayam, Kodugallur and graduation in Biotechnology from St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda and Post-graduation from Bangalore University. She was the Student of the year, 2006, College Union Chairperson, and also won the best student of Kerala awarded by South Indian Bank in 2006. She was a Proficiency Award College topper and fine arts secretary in 2003 and was also crowned the Kalathilakam

Dr. Quraishy was raised by a single mother, and she took responsibility of the family from the age of 15. She started her career as a process executive in Infosys after she was selected in 2006 during a campus interview by the company. While working there, she completed her master’s in biotechnology from Bangalore University. While working in night shifts for Infosys, Dr. Quraishy also completed diplomas in Bio Informatics and Clinic.

During the period she often slept only an hour a day mostly on the way to her workplace in the company bus that used to pick her up from the college campus, and still made it as a college topper. During 2007-2008, Dr. Quraishy worked with Microsoft as a Technical Support Engineer. She also worked as guest lecturer for a few colleges in Bangalore while completing her post-graduation. Later
she worked with Wipro Technologies and moved.

in her career ladder to a technology world which she fell in love with. Ms. Quraishy also anchored a live TV show even during her school days.

In 2016, Dr. Quraishy shifted to the UAE and in 2018 she joined GEMS Education at its corporate head office as Strategic PMO of the technology team steering education technology using emerging technologies. Dr. Quraishy is based in Dubai and has contributed to the UAE through her versatile skills, talents and intellect. She won the prestigious title Mrs. Universe 2019 – Solidarity – a first ever candidate to officially represent Middle East among 92 countries in an International Pageant. She is also winner of the Title Mrs. International 2018. The First time in the history of UAE,
Dr. Quraishy will represents UAE at Mrs. United Nation in 2023 as Mrs. UAE United Nations. She had received several recognitions and awards internationally and widely known for her personality. She is known as “The Beauty Queen with Brain & Knowledge of UAE “.

Dr. Quraishy is Metaverse, AI & Web 3.0 Innovation Evangelist, Founder and CEO of IFQ Technologies. She was formerly working as a Middle East head for a Metaverse Company called SDLC, and also worked as a Practice Head for cloud and Infrastructure with Finesse.

Dr. Quraishy is a doctorate with several technology certifications and 13+ yrs of Experience as a technology specialist in UAE and India, working with World enterprise companies like HP, VMware, EMC, Microsoft, Wipro and Infosys, GEMS Education & amp; Finesse. Dr. Quraishy is a professional classical Dancer, acted in Bollywood /regional movies and always supported the UAE as a celebrity speaker and guest endorsing “N” number of conferences, events and shows. She is also an actress, model, international speaker, TV host, professional dancer, artist and Philanthropist. Dr. Isha owns her own movie production company based in Mumbai. She had focused more on Hollywood projects and focused on her own Hollywood production “The Empress”” and “Sultana.

She is true inspiration for womanhood – who proves through her life going beyond and above through her extraordinary talents in art, technology, social activ-

ities and fashion. A versatile classical dancer and stage performer, Dr. Quraishy is an expert in different art forms and painting. She is also a professional performer of Indian Classical dance art forms like Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, and Kuchipudi.

Dr. Quraishy had done numerous talk sessions within the UAE. She had spoken at WEA Talks – An Exclusive talk show for the “Women of Extraordinary Achievements. Women in UAE. She was a speaker at the Talk session for Sharjah Government (Al Qasba) – How technology can change the Education for a better tomorrow, while celebrating Sharjah Art, Music and Knowledge Festival. She was a keynote speaker at the De Montfort University Dubai – Woman Entrepreneurship 2021 Open Talk Forum – Talking treasures by Women creative. She was also present at the talk session for UAE national day for Doctor’s forum in the UAE – AUREA – 2.Dr. Quraishy walked her first ramp at Mrs Kerala event held in 2017, where she was declared the second runner-up. Later she participated in the Mrs. International contest in 2018 held at Atlantis Palm Jumeirah and became the title winner. Which eventually gave her path open for Mrs. Universe in 2019. She was active in modelling from her younger days and had also acted in some album songs. Besides that, she has earned fame as a celebrity emcee, TV host, actress, social activist and professional classical dancer.

She was a former UAE coordinator for the World Malayalee Federation (WMF) and founder of WMF Women’s Forum. She is also a member of WMF Dubai and ambassador for Global Tolerance Faces 2019. Dr. Quraishy’s impressive list of achievements includes a Doctorate Degree, an ambassadorship.
from the Diplomatic Mission for Global Peace, and the Excellency title of “Her.” She is also an international inspirational speaker and the only celebrity tech host in the region, inspiring women and corporations with her knowledge and experience.

In addition to her participation in the Mrs. UAE United Nations pageant, Dr. Quraishy is also involved in several upcoming campaigns and activities, including efforts to educate and empower people of determination through technology, an in-

ternational pageant show for people of determination, and women in tech drive. She is also focused on developing ed-tech solutions for special needs.Dr. Quraishy’s talents and passions extend beyond the world of business and technology. She is also a skilled artist and professional dancer and has done lead roles in Hollywood and upcoming Bollywood projects. She is also a media personality and is currently the subject of a series of 30 artworks by celebrated artist Koushal Choudhary, a unique and impressive achievement in the art world called Isha Connected.

Dr. Quraishy’s unique versatility and success in various fields, including technology, fashion, art, film, social causes, and public speaking, make her a truly one-of-a-kind individual and an inspiration to us all. We are proud to support her participation in the Mrs. UAE United Nations pageant and look forward to her continued success and impact.

Dr. Quraishy is a dynamic and accomplished individual with diverse talents and passions. She is an entrepreneur and technology expert specializing in the Metaverse, an international inspirational speaker and the only celebrity tech host in the region. In addition to her professional pursuits, Isha

is also a dedicated philanthropist and social volunteer, working to improve the lives of those in need.Dr. Quraishy is Ambassador for Diplomatic Mission for Global Peace, a renowned education technology expert, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, launches a mission to make education accessible for every child worldwide using the latest technologies and innovative solutions, in-line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She is on a mission to make education accessible for every single child on the planet. With a focus on education technology and the future of learning, Dr. Quraishy is working to bridge the gap between the 60 million children without access to education and the opportunities they deserve. As a leading expert in education technology, Dr. Quraishy focuses on the needs of Gen Z, who are growing up in a world of rapid technological change. With this in mind, she is working to develop ed-tech solutions that will help to create a more inclusive and accessible education system for all children. She is also a part of multiple foundations and educational training centres for people of determination. Her venture IFQ Technologies was established with a vision to disrupt and revolutionise the way enterprises manage their future technology landscape, through its emerging technology ecosystem and digital innovations for future. At IFQ there are industry experts with 20+ years of professional experience with world’s leading enterprises. IFQ has globally renowned technology leaders, education,
health and people evangelists in its advisory board. One of the critical areas of focus for Dr. Quraishy is the use of new-age technology like the Metaverse in education. The Metaverse is a digital world where users can interact and experience virtual reality, and it has the potential to revolutionise the way that education is delivered. With the Metaverse, students can access a wealth of educational resources and experiences worldwide, regardless of their location or physical abilities. As technology advances at an unprecedented rate, Dr. Quraishy believes that it will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of education. Technology in education is already helping to create a more equitable and inclusive learning experience for all students, from online learning platforms to virtual reality classrooms. Quraishy has her mentors to thank for. She was always guided by mentors and protected by them.

She believes that it is important for all to have a support line eco-system, be it a family, friends or a mentor. Her teachers in school and college were her mentors and Dr. Lizy, psychologist is also her mentor. The entrepreneur believes that she is an inspiration for women around the globe. Although a strong-willed person, she doesn’t believe that celebrities shouldn’t cry. Her success is life is her ability to pick up the broken pieces after a fall and gather oneself to become a stronger version of oneself. Dr.Quraishy’s motto in life is ‘There is nothing called failure, there is always success or learning.’ She was inspired by her mother, Kalamandalam Haseena, and over a period of time became self-motivated. Her ‘never give up’ attitude helped her surge ahead in life. Dr.Quraishy is a single parent who got married in2014 and divorced in 2021. She is a spiritual person and believes spiritualism is connected with science. Dr. Quraishy has two siblings, Dr. Mohammed Sameer, and Mohammed Nizam. Her only son, Emirhan Quraishy, is studying in Grade 2.

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