The Indian Islamic Centre, Abu Dhabi’ which came into being under its present name as a registered organization in 1973, in effect was founded in 1971, and was functioning under the name ‘Abu Dhabi Kerala Muslim Jama’ath’. It is one of the Indian Associations, which is registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Department.

It is intended to amalgamate the talent of the society to craft it more useful to boost them in the spiritual, societal, instructive and artistic fields within the perimeter of the prevailing laws and regulations of UAE.

The activities of IIC are controlled by a 15 member Managing Committee elected by the Annual General Body.

The IIC is functioning in Abu Dhabi for over four and a half decades with a dictum mostly to promote Indo Arab Culture and also to fortify the two pronged relationship among the people of India and the United Arab Emirates. It envisages to organize the Indian Muslims living in Abu Dhabi by providing them a common platform to come closer in order to consolidate their activities for the promotion of mutual aid in the field of religious, social, educational and cultural activities of the Muslim Ummah in general and Indian Muslims in particular.

The aims and objectives of Indian Islamic Centre also include, provision of pecuniary prop up to the deprived and deserved populace suffering from serious ailments like heart surgery, kidney transplantation and other major diseases, to aid homeless people to build a shelter, to provide financial assistance to the deprived girls to get married, to help the physically and mentally disabled people etc.

The IIC also extend necessary assistance for burial or transportation of the body of those who happened to be died in the UAE.

The Indian Islamic Centre has established Al Noor Indian Islamic School in 1986,

with the good intention of imparting the Indian community with quality education at an affordable fees. It endeavors to inculcate in the child an enlightened Islamic outlook and scientific thinking so as to help the child to meet the challenges of the present and future world

The school which is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, have classes from KG 1 to Standard 10 and was established with a view to cater to the needs of education of the expatriate Indian Community. The cosmopolitan outlook of the school has attracted many students from other Asian communities also.

The Centre which is conducting Computer training provides excellent coaching for MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, MS Access and Visual Basic etc. and the certificate issued by the Centre is accepted and recognized throughout the UAE.

The Indian Islamic Centre maintains a systematic library and reading room equipped with hundreds of books, newspapers, magazines and it also undertakes publication of books, pamphlets, literatures etc.

IIC also conducts both spoken Arabic and English courses with well experienced teachers in the Centre premises. Many people from the public are also attracted to the Centre due to the quality of the classes and materials.

The Centre is getting hundreds of applications for financial help from the poor and needy and it extents maximum help to them, even though the Centre is not in a position to meet their complete requirements.

IIC also keeps its eyes on the Indians who are trapped by the legal formalities of UAE and extent a helping hand to untie them. The most important vision of IIC lies in the upliftment of Indian Muslims in all areas of the society, thereby enhancing a better value based life, making them ready to serve humanity in all possible way.

The Indian Islamic Centre also conducts Socio-Cultural activities at regular intervals and multifarious activities like literary programmes, quiz, elocution, Quran recital, art and literature, inter-school competitions etc, It also promotes sports activities like Tennis, Badminton etc. and conducts annual sports meets. IIC also conducts regular classes for Karate, Kumphu etc; by well experienced instructors.

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