Girish Menon

Girish Menon is the Managing Director of Display Ideas Decor L.L.C. They provide us a total solution for displays. With an experience gained since the year 1994, they excel in providing unique display solutions. Customer and his product are given the utmost priority in any project. Incorporating our customers right from the beginning till the completion of the project is appreciated in the industry. Their after sales division will keep you updated about the reforms they can bring in your display units and help you to realize it.

Association with Display Ideas will keep you free of worries forever. They assure the quality and creativity every time they produce a master piece.

They specialize in :

Exhibition stands
Showroom Interiors
Product display units and stands
Directory and office internal signage
Acrylic Displays

He is the member of Sree Kerala Varma Association and Amha Association.

Hailing from Venkitangu in Trissur, Girish Menon belongs to Suprabha. He is married to Mrs. Priya. They have 2 children, Greeshma and Abhishek.


Office : P.O.Box 115830
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 42958060
Mob: + 971 505514486
Fax: +971 42957585
Website: www.displayideasgroup.com

Residence : Suprabha

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