P Chandrashekaran Pillai (P C S Pillai)
Founder and Managing Director

P C S Pillai is the Founder and Managing Director of the Dafoos Group, a multi-million dollar business enterprise with its base and corporate office in Dubai, UAE and with offices across UAE and Qatar.

He has also founded and heads other companies in the Middle East, India and Canada. These are:

  • Marvel Technical Services LLC, UAE
  • New Oasis Electro Mechanical Cont. LLC, UAE
  • Anchorstar Building Materials Trading LLC, UAE
  • Armourtek International – Canada
  • Kchell Dafoos Fire and Security, INDIA
  • Kchell Residency – Residential cum Commercial Project, Kerala, India
  • Kchell ITC Pvt LTD, India

The Dafoos Group provides a range of fire protection solutions for various applications and is a pioneer in the field in the Middle East. The company has grown over the years and currently employs a multinational workforce of around 400 people with diverse qualifications and skills. Dafoos offers prompt 24/7 service to more than 750 customers having Annual Maintenance Contracts with them. Their data base involves around 2500 customers from multiple locations and various walks of business. They pride in being the first organization in the region, to impart effective training programs on orientation and management of fire detection and fire fighting systems. Dafoos is committed to provide the best of active and passive Fire Protection Systems, products & services. The large inventory of products that they hold, are approved by competent global agencies. And it contributes to the promptness & quality of service that they are renowned for.P C S Pillai and his dedicated team of professionals ensure that every fire protection installation that the company executes meets the highest standards of safety and security. His leadership acumen ensures that the team is fully-motivated and equipped to perform and achieve its goals. Dafoos Fire Protection came into being in 1988.

The 1980s saw a spurt in construction activity in the UAE, with many high-rise buildings coming up in places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This led to a huge demand for various types of safety and security systems to be installed in these buildings. P C S Pillai realised the market potential of fire protection systems and formed the company with 20 employees.Dafoos started out by providing supply and installation services for fire protection and fire alarm systems for various types of buildings.Over the years, Dafoos has diversified its product range and operations to encompass a large range of systems such as automatic fire detection, fire suppression, voice evacuation, access control, security and surveillance systems, etc. The products are sourced from reputed brands from various countries. Dafoos has exclusive agency distribution arrangements with these manufacturers. The company’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the fire protection industry has led to the deployment of innovative and high-quality fire safety products, systems and solutions in a wide variety of applications.
Over the past twenty five years, the company has built a reputation for its commitment to provide customers with solutions that are tailored to suit the specific requirements of each project. Being the MD of the company, P C S Pillai ensures that customer requirements are met suitably without compromising on quality. Presently the company boasts of a database of around 2500 customers from multiple locations, thus making it one of the comprehensive players in the fire protection industry.The Dafoos Group also provides electromechanical, facilities management and fire safety equipment trading services to its customers in the UAE and Qatar.The Dafoos Group currently has an annual sales turnover in excess of US$ 30 million. The group has expanded its operations to Qatar and Canada. Under P C S Pillai’s leadership and with his business management expertise, the group is poised to continue to maintain its growth trajectory and expand its product range and geographical footprint.P C S Pillai has put his thirty eight years experience in business to found and successfully operate his other companies. One of these, Kchell Infrastructure Ltd., focuses on developing premium real estate projects in India. Its first project, a residential cum commercial development in Kollam, Kerala is fast nearing completion. It has conceptualised other such premium developments and will soon commence the construction of these.

In India, P C S Pillai has also ventured into the corrugated paper packaging industry, medical supplies industry and hospitality industry. He is the promoter of Suraksha Packers Pvt Ltd and Concept Integration Medical Supplies, Pune, India. Suraksha Packers Pvt Ltd has factories in three cities in India, Pune, Goa and Pondicherry and is a significant player in the domestic industry.Concept Integration Medical Supplies is one of the leading companies engaged in providing health equipments and healthcare solutions. P C S Pillai puts the wealth of his experience and expertise to guide these companies to be leaders in their business segments.His exemplary contributions in the field of business and management has earned P C S Pillai the Outstanding Service in Business and Management award, conferred to him by the Canadian Business Community (CBC) in 1998. P C S Pillai is an active member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), USA since 1997 and the Fire Protection Association (FPA), UK since 2000. P C S Pillai is also a socially active person. He is a member of various clubs including the India Club, the Lions Club, the Ramavarma Club in Kollam and the Trivandrum Club. He is also an avid reader and manages to pursue this hobby even with his busy schedule.P C S Pillai is the son of Paremeshwaran Pillai and Chellama hailing from Puthoor District of Kollam, Kerala. He is married to Shylaja and they have four children. The eldest son, Baiba is a management professional and is the General Manager of Dafoos Technical Services WLL, Qatar. Bainus is the second son and he is also a management professional like his brother. He is the Executive Director of Dafoos Group of Companies. Lakshmi is his eldest daughter. The youngest of the family is Parvathy who studies in the 9th grade of Gems Modern Academy, Dubai.


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Al Quoz

P O Box 50891, Dubai, UAE
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Engineering Office _ Al Garhoud

P O Box 50891, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 2525565, Fax: +971 4 2525545, E-mail: moc.s1568628876oofad1568628876@iabu1568628876dsoof1568628876ad1568628876

Abu Dhabi

P O Box 34962, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 2 555 3758, Fax: +971 2 555 3759, E-mail: ea.te1568628876n.set1568628876arime1568628876@daso1568628876ofad1568628876

Hor Al Anz

P O Box 50891, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 2694099, Fax: +971 4 2694088, E-mail: ea.mi1568628876e@soo1568628876fad1568628876


P O Box 3367, Sharjah, UAE
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P O Box 117, Ajman, UAE
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Ras Al Khaimah

P O Box 11673, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Tel: +971 7 227 3178, Fax: +971 7 227 3179, E-mail: moc.s1568628876oofad1568628876@kars1568628876oofad1568628876


PO Box: 7088, Fujairah, UAE
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PO Box 200212, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4437 4871, Fax: +974 4437 4916, E-mail: moc.s1568628876oofad1568628876@ahod1568628876soofa1568628876d1568628876

Kchell Dafoos

TC 2/44 Ground Floor, Opp FCI, Kesadasapuram, Pattom-PO, Trivandrum Kerala 695004
Phone: 0471 2442020, Email: moc.s1568628876oofad1568628876llehc1568628876k@ofn1568628876i1568628876

Kchell Residency

T C 2/44 Opposite FCI, Kesavadasapuram, Trivandrum
Phone: 0471 4061235, 0474 2050502, Mobile: 8129203203, 9447324962, Email: moc.l1568628876iamg@1568628876gnite1568628876kraml1568628876lehck1568628876

Armourtek Internatiinal Inc

12 Grace Hill Drive, Stoney Creek, Onario, Canada L8E 6E6
E-mail: ac.ke1568628876truom1568628876ra@of1568628876ni1568628876

New Oasis Electromechanical

P O Box 9308, Ajman, UAE
Tel: +971 6 7480540, Fax: +971 6 7480520, E-mail: ea.mi1568628876e@meo1568628876n1568628876

Anchor star Building Materials

P O Box 50891, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 3468500, Fax: +971 4 3468400, E-mail: moc.r1568628876ats-r1568628876ohcna1568628876@ofni1568628876


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