Shanavas Mohammed

Mr. Shanavas Mohammed is the Director – HR Operations of Raj Associates. He came to Dubai in 2007 and started buisness in the name of Raj Associates. It is one of the trailblazing and professionally managed Recruitment Agency in India and UAE, having refulgent service of 35 years in quality recruitment approved by th ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of India, Ministry of Labour Federal Government of UAE.

Being a Post graduate, he belongs to Valiyavalappil House at Punnayurkulam in Trissur. He is married to Mrs Jismy and the couple has one child, Neha.

Raj Associates
P.O Box : 182094
Telephone: 042220007
Mob: 0502320007
Fax : 042222269
Website :

Valiyavalappil House
Punnayurkulam P.O


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