Dr. K.P Hussain MD, Ph.D, Msc

MD & CEO, Fathima Health Care Group

The sincere spirit and the need of the day of providing medical services to the middle and lower income class of the society which was denied until then by the medical insurance companies inspired Dr. KP Hussain to put forward a new concept which was the thriving enthusiasm behind to start the Fathima Health Care Group in 1997. As the expense of medical facilities given to the employees were too high it was very difficult to provide the same to each one of a corporate establishment. So naturally the middle and lower income groups were exempted and the upper class only protected under the medical facility. It was under this situation Dr. Hussain tried to extend his service to bring the lower income group also under the Medical security. After a prolonged and continuous discussion with each and every insurance company finally Dr. Hussain succeeded to make an agreement with the them to accept the scheme with 1/3 of the actual cost which enabled the corporate offices to give the medical care to all their employees thereafter.

Now Fathima Health Care group is associated with 11 major Health Insurance Companies in UAE and 1300 corporate offices are utilizing this medical insurance facility to the poor income group at an affordable cost. The success of his new concept encouraged Dr Hussain to bring all other GCC countries under the cost effective, comprehensive and affordable scheme for the betterment of the poor income group.
His US made aircraft Cessna -172 is given on leasing to the aviation club to support flying school children and to promote tourism.

The service minded efforts were marked by receiving the ISO 9001: 2008 award.

Dr. Hussain was also honored by Dubai KMCC on Dubai National Day and recently declared that the Pazhassiraja Arogya Karma Shreshta Rajakeeya Puraskar will be awarded to him soon by the Indian President Smt. Prathibha Patil.

Hailing from Kolaparambathu House in Thirur at Calicut in Kozhikode District dr. Hussain is married to Dr. NV Beena and they three daughters – Farzana, Fareeda and Fathima, all are students.


Dr. KP Hussain MD, PhD, MSc (Health Care)
Managing Director & CEO
Fathima Health Care Group
PO Box 50430 Tel + 971 4 3977841
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UAE Mob + 971 506539131
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