Dr. Bhaskaran Karapath

Dr. Bhaskaran Karapath, who is a Specialist Physician in Algharafa Medical Centre, Ajman . Started with a single doctor, now the medical centre has multiple specialists and well equipped Labs & Pharmacy.

Dr. Bhaskaran Karapath was the Lecturer in Department of Cardiology, Calicut Medical College. He was the chief physician of PVS hospital (Department of Nephrology) and BM Hospital in Calicut. He got MRCP(UK) degree on June 2011.

Bhaskaran Karapath acquired MBBS and MD in General Medicine. He has membership in KESEF, Ajman Malayali Association and AKMG, Ajman.

Dr. Vandana Bhaskaran is his wife. They have two children Bhavya and Navya.


Office: Algharafa Medical Centre
P.O.Box No: 1840
Ajman, UAE.
Mobile: +971 507979580

Residence: Nest Galaxy Villas


Category: Medical