Dinesh C.D

Dinesh C.D is the Managing Director of Elegant Kitchens L.L.C since 2006. Elegant Hotels & Bakeries Kitchen Devices Ind. L.L.C. is the result of a vision to develop a reputed, reliable and one stop shop for the supply of Kitchen / Display Equipments which are customized to the requirement of Restaurants, Hotels, Bakeries, Supermarket, Hospitals, Trading, Hand Railing, S.S.Cladding, Garbage Chute Fabrication and Installation etc. The quality and after sales service is integral part of the product when you come to Elegant Hotels & Bakeries Kitchens Devices Ind. L.L.C.

Elegant Hotels & Bakeries kitchen devices lnd.l.l.c.is established in the new industrial area, no.17 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. A careful study of the manufacturing process and deep thought on the plant layout and location of the factory, has resulted in the state of the art manufacturing facility to produce and supplycomplete range of products of high quality standard and a very shot manufacturing time.we are already in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 quality certificate which will endorse our quality programme.

Elegant Hotels & Bakeries kitchens Devices Ind.L.L.C. has separated team of experienced engineers to meet the client and understand their requirements and suggest the optimum solutions in terms of convenience, economy ,and practical problems. Our team of sales execuitives liaises with the client to develop and maintain excellent relationship. Our Fabricators and welders work with the best possible fabrication techniques. The factory trained technicians install the equipment and provide after sales service.

He was an employee of Soofia Refrigerator Ltd as the Factory Manager from 1996 to 2005. He hails from Lalitha Mahal in Uduppi. He is married to Mrs. Vishalakshi. They have two children Milan and Dhanya.


Office: Elelgant Kitchens Equipment L.L.C
P.O Box 33565
Sharjah, UAE
Phone : +971 65345909
Fax : +971 65351710
Mobile : +971 508576796
Email :
Website : elegantuae.com

Residence : Lalith Mahal
Karbala, Uduppi


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