Aniyan Kunju

Mr. Aniyan Kunju is the Senior Supervisor of Belhasa Projects L.L.C. BELHASA PROJECTS has been changing the face of the region for more than 25 years, with projects as diverse as clients’ demands. Innovative designs with a local flavour have included a swimming pool in the shape of a coffee pot, and a camel race grandstand in the shape of a tent. BHP has always been at the forefront of unique design-and-build schemes such as the latest project – building the largest aquarium in the world. From its beginnings as a pool construction company, BHP has grown to encompass five separate divisions, each with a unique function.

Before joining in Belhasa Projects, he was an employee of Emirates petro chemical services. He is the member of Mavelikara association and Sevanam.

Aniyan Kunju belongs to Shijin Bhavan in Mavelikara. Mrs. Sheeja is his wife. They have two children, Shijin and Anitha.


Office: Belhasa Project
P.O Box No: 5102
Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 43331445
Mobile: +971 508404196

Residence: Shijin Bhavan
Cherukunnam P O