Ahamed Koya

Mr Ahamed Koya is the managing director of Fares General Trading EST. Started in 2005, it is specialized in the field of general trading and Management consultancy.

“FGT Group” is a dynamic and well diversified Group, focuses on core areas like High-end Technical Services, IT & Software Development, Project Management & Consultancy, International Trading, Finance Syndication, Conventions, Investment Seminar, Business Expo, Global Venture Funding, Joint Ventures, Feasibility Study, SWOT analysis for Projects, Solar Energy, Innovative Education and excelling in all such activities.

He begins his work on 1973 in Salam Studio and Stores at Abudhabi. He continued his work there until 1982. He started grand store Dubai on 1982 and he was the branch manager. And up to 2005 he remained there as General Manager. On 2005 he started his own establishment JGT. He started elite Management Services Dubai on 2006. He was a member of Indian Business Professional Group.

Being a B.A Graduate, Ahamed Koya belongs to Thekkat House at Thiruvangoor in Kozhikode. Now he is  settled in Sharjah, with his wife Mrs Ummu Salma, who is a house wife. They are blessed with four Children, Abdul Haleem Ahamed Koya, Md. Suhail Ahamed koya, Hamzaamed Koya and Fatima Asma Ahamed Koya. Abdul Haleem Ahamed Koya who has completed B.Tech and MBA is working now at USA.  Suhail Ahamed Koya, Who has completed MBA, doing Home Automation Dubai. Hamza Ahamed Koya, who is a BBA graduate in HR and Marketting is now working in a Advertising company. Fatima Asma Ahamed Koya, his only daughter, is doing 4th semester BBA at Sharjah.


Office :

Fares General Trading EST
P O Box 6666
Sharjah, UAE
Phone : +971 65726572
Mobile : +971 6442267
Fax :  +971 65722400
Email :
Website : www.faresgte.com

Residence :

Fatimas, Thiruvangoor  P O, Kozhikode 673318


Category: Consultancy